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Silent Guard Software is a privacy Application committed to providing reliable, high-quality software solutions for confidentiality. It works as personal security and gives subscribers total anonymity within their mobile devices. Silent Guard is currently compatible with various Android software. Android users may use it daily per membership after the free trial ends. For the opportunity to review and to receive additional details, please contact the CEO/CDO, Mr. James Ward, via mobile phone at 404-322-8129.

Silent Guard Background

Within Mr. Ward’s twenty years of healthcare experience, he became aware of the high demand for better software security. For instance, there were many instances of identity theft in his workplaces. With the increasing need for security prior to Covid-19, and identity theft, he created a detailed application from scratch that provides privacy with your personal text conversations.   

Mr. Ward has tested various simulations for the design to meet the needs of his future customers. The test groups were able to outline software glitches and identify pros and cons of the application. These analyses were used to improve the Silent Guard Software.


Silent Guard Mission

The goal of the Silent Guard Software is to produce a private industry modeled based software that will protect your personal messages. With this application, one can freely send personal information without the worries of identity theft or even invasion of privacy. Lastly, Silent Guard will provide innovative product lines that will be expanding and will produce continuous growth.

Key Milestones

The keys to success for Silent Guard software are:

  • Establishing and maintaining working mobile applications and subscribers’ agreements that have monthly membership fees. 
  • Bringing a product line to customers that is reliable and adaptable to their mobile security needs.
  • Creating security compliant software that increases production and streamlines the company’s objectives and goals. 
  • Increasing profit margins that will make the company’s growth enticing for potential stockholders.                 
  • Effectively communicating to current and potential customers, through updates, revisions, and amendments through our contracted term.
  • Updating our software vision by implementing constant revisions from continuous research and development to embitter the software.
  • Creating profit with the use of our marketed product.

Product Overview

Silent Guard mobile application creates a customized software solution for members that desire to have control and security on a personal device and maintain a high level of automation that will consistently provide services. This software is unique in that it is compatible with other mobile phones that are utilized. It offers solutions to streamline the safety of personal information and conversations. 

Due to the Covid-19 restructure of how businesses are going to do business in the present and future, Mr. Ward has created a reliable product that provides direct control for consumer.

Target Customers

This software is currently designed to work along with Mobile Android phones to ensure the members have complete protection. Silent Guard creates privacy internally through one’s personal communications device in which information can be customized per client. It also offers multiple security functions for the membership. Silent Guard grants personal conversation that automatically deletes after a set time limit from both users’ conversations. The captured conversation is also encrypted for additional security. The software gives the consumer the opportunity to have control over their personal information. Silent Guard monitors and protect information.  

There will be reviews and updates performed from remote or internal access.

Competitive Landscape

  • Produce custom unique software for clients that wants to have security measures from their mobile phone. 
  • Establish a strategic relationship with outside companies to further produce and innovate the current application. 
  • Develop innovative mobile software that is adaptable and offers solutions in multiple areas of privacy, and security.

Strategy & Execution

  • Promote brand specifics that crossover from one company to another. 
  • Promote advantages of the application to clients so that     
  • they can have security measure in place if someone ever uses their phone or is lost or stolen. 
  • Produce additional features and updates packages through licensing that are compatible with our subscribers needs and wants.


Silent Guard Management Team

Seeking Qualified Personal for our Department of Human Resources.

Mr. James Ward


Mr. Elijah Ward


Mr. Terry Shields


Ms. Brina Neau


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